Thank you. It is an honour to be asked to take on this role, however following Peter Cavaciuti and Philip Sindall`s work is no mean feat. They have worked tirelessly for the good of the Association of Camera Operators.

We are very fortunate to have Hamish Doyne-Ditmas as Vice President and Benjamin Treplin as Secretary. 

As a founding member of the ACO I remember being thankful, impressed and in truth a bit relieved when other board members stepped up to the mark repeatedly taking on various roles for the ACO.
I`m sure many of you also feel that way too. When I was approached to get more involved I did not hesitate. Clearly the whole purpose of the association is to promote, celebrate and protect our jobs as Camera Operators. Have a look around the website and see what`s been happening, look at who`s on the committees, you might drop someone there a line.

"In The Frame" is out again.  Well done to Rodrigo Gutierrez, Philip Sindall and Alastair Rae.
Any feedback to these guys would be welcome. They generate and edit a lot of content to make something enjoyable to read and be informed by.
Print it off, take it to work, leave it on the truck bench or the back of the dolly. It will be picked up and looked at by colleagues.

We have Brexit and a snap election in our sites. Much to come.
Diversity is also in our sights. Luke Redgrave and Lucy Bristow are on our Diversity committee exploring imbalance with regards to the type of people that work in our role. The recent AGM spent time discussing women behind the camera - specifically in the role as operator. It`s is an area we are keen to address, understand and promote.

The Job as a Camera Operator is unusual yet so instrumental.

You arrive at some sprawling car park, in a field or some hopeful building site and walk past the multitude of cars through an even bigger Unit base that`s been up and running for many hours, then finally onto the often impressive set.
 Bang in the centre of it all is the camera you operate, that camera is surrounded by camera crew and grips that support you. But inside it is the ground glass and the rectangle of the frame line that you look through.
 And so the day begins. DOP`s, Director`s, Actors and multiple departments are communicated with to achieve a common goal.
"Rolling"  "Set" "Action"................ "Cut".

We work with kings, queens, soldiers, monsters. We go to space, experience war, witness  emotional upheaval and joyous highs. Whether up a mountain, out at sea or in a train station car park, story after story is being told with the help of Camera Operators. After constant communication with all departments and reciprocal support with all crew, the craft of operating comes in to its own, as hopefully the frame is fuller, richer and fulfilling its purpose to tell the story.

I`m neither the most experienced or junior in the ranks of the ACO, perhaps somewhere in the middle. Our previous Presidents have all been so capable and members of the board so organised and independent - appearing to not need any assistance one might imagine. Well you would be wrong. All support and involvement will be very much appreciated.

 Having been part of various email chains regarding a range of matters relating to the ACO it is so very apparent that the passion and interest in all of our livelihoods is ever present. In short we have some extraordinary people amongst us. Thank you to them.

Thank you to the board and to all our members and all our Patrons.


Ben Wilson

President ACO

(April 2017)



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