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Further Credits:   IMDB
Languages:   English and Greek.
Foreign Countries:   Canada, USA, Cyprus.
Directors Worked With:   Roger Spottiswoode, Adam Rolston, Sandy Wilson, Nick Burgess Jones, Guy Ritchie, Lee Lowen, Keith Robinson, Robert Ayling, Lee Ford, Nikos Theodosakis and more.
Special Experience:   Unit Stills Photographer.

A Street Cat Named Bob - Feature Film (Unit Stills Photographer)


French & Saunders Award Clips - The Slapstick Festival (Lighting Camera)


Ectrims MS/Excel Centre - AVS Media Services (Camera Operator)

A Street Cat Named Bob Promo - Shooting Script Films (DOP)

Crowd Funding Video - Your Ever Loving (DOP/Director/Editor)

Corporate - Fastrack Doctor (DOP/Editor)

Roku TV Box - Hellenic TV (DOP/Director/Editor)


Actors Headshots - Theatre N16 (Stills Photographer)


Beauty and the Beast - Jellyfish Theatre (Stills Photographer)


Simon Stephen’s/Christmas - Theatre N16 (Stills Photographer)


The Snow Queen - Theatre N16 (Stills Photographer)


Actors Headshots - Theatre N16 (Stills Photographer)


TV Pilot - The Wasteman Reeper (Stills Photographer)


2015 UK General Election - CNBC & Eurovision (Lighting Camera)


2015 Royal Baby Coverage – Eurovision (Lighting Camera)


Westminster Live - CNBC & Al Jazeera (Lighting Camera)


West Brom/Football – ONTV (Camera Operator)


The Mountain Bluebird - The Courtyard Theatre (Stills Photographer)


Vitality Chiropractic - Nova Pictures (Lighting Camera/Editor)


Great Northern Bake Off - Nova Pictures (Lighting Camera/Editor)


Stand Up For Women - (Stills Photographer)


Miss GB - (DOP)


Greek Wine Festival - (Lighting Camera)


Quiz Call - (Camera Operator)


Live at Lincoln Cathedral - (Lighting Camera / Editor)


Poe Live - (Camera Operator)


Fencing - (Lighting Camera / Editor)


Paul Hemphill/Life Coach - (Lighting Camera / Editor)


Vitality Chiropractic - (Lighting Camera / Editor)


Great N2 Bake Off - (Lighting Camera / Editor)


Sea Cat Rescue Boats - (Camera Operator)


Ian Jukes - (Lighting Camera / Editor) (Canada)


Meet Me on the Southbank - (Unit Stills Photographer)


The Unwelcome - (DOP)


90 Degrees of Separation - (DOP)


The Garden - (DOP / Director)


My Life in 8 Mins - (Camera Operator) (Canada)


Kickz Academy - (Lighting Cameraman)


News & Sports - (Lighting Cameraman)


Football/Horse Racing - (Camera Operator) (Cyprus)


Boxing & Kick Boxing - (Camera Operator)


The Cyprus Enigma - (DOP / Director) (UK & Cyprus)


London Bombings - (Lighting Camera)


Introspective - (Lighting Camera / Editor)


Making of Poe - (Lighting Camera / Dir)


Beach Blanket Film Festival - (DOP / Director) (Canada)




The ACO - Clips and Trailers



The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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