Agent:   Princestone
Agent Contact:   Sarah Prince
Tel:   02088831616
Website:   www.princestone.com
Tel:   07739174391
Email:   dan.nightingale@me.com
Further Credits:   IMDB
Directors Worked With:   Sam Miller, Joss Agnew, Stephen Woolfenden, Catherine Morshead, China Moo-Yung, Vanessa Caswill, Charles Sturridge, Lewis Arnold, Dominic Leclerc, Nick Hurran, Jamie Jay Johnson, Ben Caron, Al Mackay.
Special Experience:   Steadicam, Remote Head/Wheels
Productions:   Rellik; A camera and Steadicam - Poldark 3; Steadicam and B/A camera - Sherlock 4; 2nd DP/Operator and B Camera Dailies Ep 3 - No Offence 2; Camera Operator Eps 1,2  - Thirteen; B camera Operator Eps 1-5 - Churchill`s Secret; Additional Cam Operator and 2nd unit - DP Dickensian; B Camera Eps 6-9 - Prey 2; B camera Dailies - From Darkness; Additional camera and 2nd Unit DP


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The ACO - Clips and Trailers





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