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Further Credits:   IMDB
Languages:   Polish (Native Speaker) English (Fluent) French (Basic) Spanish (Basic)
Foreign Countries:   USA, Mexico, UK, Nigeria, India, Morocco, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland
Directors Worked With:   Christopher McQuarrie, Kevin Macdonald, Terry Jones, Morten Tyldum, Cedric Nicolas Troyan, Rupert Sanders, Jim O`Hanlon, John Morton,Ian Fitzgibbon, Tony Dow, Matt Lipsey, Harry Hill, Ed Bye, A.G. Rojas, Alejandro Valle, Ivan Ãvila Duenas, Natalia Beristain, Denjal Hasanovic, Marta Plucinska, Damian John Harper
Special Experience:   Steadicam

In The Middle Of The River (Feature)-Camera Operator

Tales Of Mexico (Feature)-Camera Operator

Kochaj (Feature)-Camera Operator

Blankets Of Love (short)-DoP

Georgia (music video)-DoP

Benromach (Viral)-DoP

Mi Noche Triste (short)-DoP

The Night Of Procession (short)-DoP

Today Yesterday Tomorrow (short)-DoP

Assassin`s Practice (Nollywood Feature)-DoP

Face To Face (short)-Camera Operator

At Close Range (short)-Camera Operator

No East Way Out (short)-DoP

Joe Homan Charity-Shooter Co-Director


The Huntsman: Winter`s War (Feature)-DoP Assistant

Mission Impossible 5 (Feature)-Camera Trainee

A Hundred Streets (Feature)-2nd AC

Absolutely Anything (Feature)-Camera Trainee

The Imitation Game (Feature)-Camera Trainee

Black Sea (Feature)-Camera Trainee

Snow White & The Huntsman (Feature)-Camera Trainee

We The Jury (TV)-2nd AC

National Geographic. - Breakthrough 2 UK (TV)-2nd AC/DIT

Asylum (TV)-2nd AC

W1A 2 (TV )-2nd AC

Bad Education (TV)-2nd AC (dailies)

Nurse (TV)-2nd AC (dailies)

Big School 2 (TV)-2nd AC (dailies)

Harry & Paul`s Story of the Twos (TV)-Camera Trainee/2nd AC

W1A (TV)-2nd AC



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