Diary Services:   The Guild 0208 813 1999
Tel:   07768590256
Email:   mikecarling@email.com
Website:   http://www.mikecarling.com
Further Credits:   IMDB
Foreign Countries:   Filmed in over 80 countries worldwide. Covering full range of environments including deserts, high mountains, jungles, and both the Arctic and Antarctica.
Directors Worked With:   Alex Kurtzman, David Blair, Cedric Nicholas-Troyan, Ron Howard, Tom Roberts, Jamie Payne, Zach Math
Awards:   GTC Award for Excellence 2012 Nomination- Gemini 2010 Nomination - RTS 2003
Special Experience:   Steadicam. Geared Heads. Extensive experience of filming at height / rope access positions. IRATA Level 1 with over 20 years experience. Considerable experience of both fixed wing and helicopter work.
The Mummy - VFX / Time-Lapse Unit Namibia  DoP / Camera Op  

Reg - B-Camera Op

The Huntsman: Winter`s War - Camera Op / DoP Nature Unit

In the Heart of the Sea - VFX DoP / Camera Op  (Phoenix Unit)

Legends: Series 2 - C-Camera Op (dailies)

Wildest Dream - Camera Op

Confetti - B Camera Op


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The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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