Diary Services:   Wizzo & Co
Tel:   +447940817140
Email:   mihalis@orasisfilms.co.uk
Website:   http://www.orasisfilms.co.uk
Further Credits:   IMDB
Languages:   English - fluent, Greek - fluent
Foreign Countries:   USA, South Africa, India, Egypt and most European countries
Directors Worked With:   Julian Jarrold, Amit Gupta, Jamie Stone, Jill Robertson, Chanya Button, Michael Anderson, Max McGill, Scott Mann, Thomas Ormonde, Chaplin & Forbes, James Moore
Special Experience:   Steadicam, Remote heads, Some UW and aerial experience
Productions:   Final Score (A camera / Steadicam)
Tripped (A camera / Steadicam)
Don`t Hang Up (A camera / Steadicam)
The Hatching (Steadicam / B camera)
Steven (Steadicam dailies)
The Crown (Steadicam dailies)
Scott & Bailey (Steadicam)
Vera 6 (Steadicam / B camera dailies)
Burn Burn Burn (Steadicam)
Credo (A camera)


The ACO - Clips and Trailers



The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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