Tel:   +33 6 43 86 79 01
Further Credits:   IMDB
Languages:   French, English
Foreign Countries:   UK, Ieland, Norway, Italie, Spain, USA, Cuba, Canada, Greece, Marroco, Egypt, Australia, Lebanon.
Directors Worked With:   Nabil Ben Yadir, Hans Herbott, Michaël Youn
Special Experience:   Steadicam owner, fluid and gear head, Camera Operator
Productions:   Feature Film:
Divorce Club ( Steadicam, B Camera Operator ) 
The walk  ( Steadicam Operator, B Camera Operator ), How we work ( Steadicam Operator)
FC de Kampioenen ( Steadicam, B Camera Operator), Alice ( Camera Operator )
TV Show Drama:
Riviera  ( Saison 2 Steadicam operator )
Private Investigation ( Steadicam Operator ), Plus belle la vie ( Steadicam, Camera Operator ), The girls saying ( Steadicam Operator )
Music Promo:
"Wolf" Chinese Man ( Steadicam )
"La luna di Giorno" ( Steadicam ) "Push" A-Track ( Steadicam ) "Cais" Mia Doi Todd ( Cinematographer- Steadicam Operator );"What did i do" Christophe Willem ( Steadicam Operator ),
Chinawood ( Steadicam Operator, Cinematographer )
A Story of children and film ( Steadicam operator, Cinematographer )
TV Show:
"Mayday Mayday" ( Camera Operator, DOP )
"Credit Agricole", "FALCAO" Puma,"FFFh"Bernes Festival, "Hit Parade", NIKE "We own the Night " ( Camera Operator ), Baccardi "The Grey Goose "( Steadicam Operator ), Halloween "Ripper Street" ( Steadicam Operator )
Short Film:
"la Persistente" ( Steadicam)
"Eleanor","La relève" ( Steadicam ) The last of the Cefrans ( Steadicam Operator ), A last tribute ( Steadicam Operator )The lawn of the dead ( Steadicam Operator ),The book ( Camera operator ),L`Assenza ( Steadicam Operator ),Halfway There ( Steadicam Operator, B Camera Operator ),Nowhere`s Paradis ( Steadicam / A Camera Operator ),Just before down ( Steadicam Operator ),The Dry Field ( Steadicam Operator ),The Mill ( Steadicam Operator ),The missing ( Steadicam, A Camera Operator ),The Black Olives ( Steadicam Operator ), Foundation ( Camera Operator ),Raymond ( Steadicam Operator )


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The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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