Agent:   Princestone
Agent Contact:   Sarah Prince
Tel:   0208 883 1616
Tel:   07813844721
Further Credits:   IMDB
Languages:   French (conversational)
Foreign Countries:   Iceland South Africa USA Canada Russia Sweden Denmark Netherlands France Spain Romania Bulgaria Ireland
Directors Worked With:   Ben Caron Hettie Macdonald Kieron Hawkes Metin Huseyin Tom Vaughan Mike Barker Gilles Bannier Tim Mielants Carl Tibbetts Thomas Vincent David Evans Alice Troughton Jonathan Van Tulleken Farren Blackburn Toby Haynes James Strong Nick Hurran Saul Metzstein Jamie Payne Colm McCarthy Euros Lyn Douglas MacKinnon Julian Simpson David Kerr Paul Wilmshurst Jon East Catherine Morshead Paul Whittington S.J Clarkson Stephan Schwartz Sue Bourne (documentary) Henry Singer (documentary)
Special Experience:   Steadicam(owner/operator)
Productions:   TV Series Sherlock III & IV: A cam / steadicam Fortitude II: A cam / steadicam Victoria: A cam / steadicam The Tunnel I & II: A cam / steadicam Wallander IV: A cam / steadicam Cucumber: A cam / steadicam From There to Here: A cam / steadicam Doctor Who III - VII: A cam / steadicam Luther III : A cam / steadicam Hunted: A cam / steadicam Hit And Miss: A camera Hustle V: A camera Documentaries Jig: Cinematographer Three Miles North of Molkom: Cinematographer I took My Baby`s Life: Cinematographer Films Stag Night: A camera Timber Falls: A camera Wish You Were Here: A camera


The ACO - Clips and Trailers



The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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