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Email:   info@jameslayton.co.uk
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Further Credits:   IMDB
Languages:   English, French (average)
Directors Worked With:   Matthew Cullen, Henrik Genz, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Saul Dibb, Don Mancini, Ben Bolt, Paul Hyett, Mel Smith.
Special Experience:   Steadicam, Segway (Steadiseg), MK-V AR
New Blood (season 1) - B cam & steadicam (full series)
The Comedian`s Guide to Survival - A cam & steadicam (UK unit)
Downton Abbey (season 6) - B cam & steadicam (full series)
Downton Abbey (season 5) - B cam & steadicam (dailies)
Episodes (season 4) - B cam & steadicam (dailies)
The Devil`s Harvest - A cam & steadicam
London Fields - A cam & steadicam
Good People - B cam & steadicam
Soulmate - steadicam
Diana - steadicam
The Quiet Ones - B cam & steadicam
Leave To Remain - steadicam
The Arbiter - steadicam
The Seasoning House - B cam & steadicam
Scar Tissue - A cam & steadicam
Everyone`s Going to Die - steadicam
Volume - steadicam

Day of the Flowers
Seed of Chucky
Second Nature



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The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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