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Further Credits:   IMDB
Foreign Countries:   Namibia, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, Spain
Directors Worked With:   Danis Tanovic, John Moore, Charles Strickland, Antoine Fuqua, Steve Barron, Julian Jarrold, Mikael Salomon, Rob Bowman, Bruce Beresford, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Ciaran Donnelly, Tom Shankland, Dearbhla Walsh, Ken Girotti, Jeff Wolnough, Jeremy Podeswa, Stefan Schwartz, Conor McPherson, Mark Losey, Anthony Byrne, Tommy O`Haver, Johan Renck, Anand Tucker
Special Experience:   `A` Cam Operator. Remote, Geared, Fluid & Underslung Heads. Hand Held.

Quantico III 2 Episodes - A Cam
Swords & Sceptres - A Cam
I.T. - A Cam
Ripper Street (III) - A Cam
Vikings (II) - A Cam                                           
Ripper Street (II) - A Cam
Ice Cream Girls - B Cam/2nd Unit DOP
Reign (I) - B Cam
Vikings(I) - A Cam 2nd Unit
13 Steps Down  - A Cam
Titanic `Blood & Steel` - A Cam
Treasure Island - A Cam
Camelot - B Cam
Tudors (IV) BLK 1 - A Cam
Leap Year - B Cam (Latter Part of Film)
Wild Decembers - A Cam
Tudors (III) - A Cam
Shell Shock - A Cam
George Gently - A Cam
Trouble In Paradise - A Cam/DOP
Becoming Jane - B Cam/2nd Unit DOP
Rough Diamond - B Cam/2nd Unit DOP
The Omen - A Cam
Lassie - A Cam
Flight Of The Phoenix - B Cam/2nd Unit DOP
King Arthur - A Cam
Ella Enchanted - B Cam
Benedict Arnold - A Cam
Actors - B Cam/2nd Unit DOP
Evelyn - B Cam (Latter Part of Film)
The Seventh Stream - A Cam
No Tears - A Cam
The Escapist - B Cam
Reign Of Fire - A Cam 2nd Unit
Behind Enemy Lines - B Cam
Waiting For Godot - A Cam
Not Afraid, Not Afraid - A Cam
Endgame - A Cam
Most Fertile Man In Ireland - B Cam/2nd Unit DOP
Nora - B Cam/2nd Unit DOP



The ACO - Clips and Trailers



The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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