Agent:   Bookends
Tel:   01727841177
Diary Services:   Bookends
Tel:   01727841177
Foreign Countries:   World wide.
Directors Worked With:   Ridley Scott David Yates Wochowski Brothers Mike Newell Philip Noyce Robert Stromberg Peter Macdonald Harvey Harrison Sylvester Stallone Alexander Witt Andrew Stanton simon Crane James Mcteigue
Special Experience:   Sport photography including World Cup Football and remote heads for Formula One racing.

Maleficent                   Main Unit     A cam           Red 2`  2nd unit  A cam

World War Z               Main Unit     A cam          Budapest

Prometheus                Main Unit     A cam

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows     2nd Unit and completing Main Unit  A cam

John Carter of Mars     Main Unit

Nottingham (Robinhood)  2nd Unit  A cam

Quantum of Solace (Bond)  Panama  A cam

Prince of Persia                                               London

Rambo 1V   2nd Unit    A cam

Ninja Assassin  2nd Unit  A cam

Speed Racer     2nd Unit  A cam

Troy                 2nd Unit  A cam



The ACO - Clips and Trailers



The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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