Agent:   Intrinsic Management London
Agent Contact:   Rob Little
Tel:   02074708712
Further Credits:   IMDB
Foreign Countries:   France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Morocco, USA, Tunisia, Turkey, Thailand, Iceland, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Finland, Zimbabwe, Kenya, China, Poland, Caribbean.
Directors Worked With:   Guy Ritchie, Tim Burton, John Madden, Mikael Hafstrom, Joe Johnston, Edgar Wright, Oliver Stone, Antony Mingela, Neil Marshall, Guillermo Del Toro, Russell Mulcahy, Michael Apted, Jon Amiel, Renny Harlin, Simon West, John Madden,
Awards:   `Doonby` won the Frank Capra award at the life festival awards, LA, May 2012 Best Cinematography Award for "Easier Ways To Make A Living", Narrative Short category, 2011Inaugural Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival
Special Experience:   2nd unit / Action Unit / Main unit VFX Model/Miniature Large format 65mm Blue/Green Screen Remote Heads


PRODUCTION / Director(s)              Production Co. / Job Title

SKYFALL                                  Eon Productions                    
Alexander Witt     2nd Unit Camera Operator

ISOLATED                                                                MGI London Ltd                   
Murray Gough     D.O.P. Cannes Teaser Trailer

DOONBY                                           Nobody Film Company          Peter Mackenzie     D.O.P. 

SHERLOCK HOLMES: GAME OF SHADOWS   Warner Bros.                   Guy Ritchie     Guest Camera Operator (re-shoots)

DARK SHADOWS                           Warner Bros.                              Tim Burton     Splitter Unit D.O.P. - "Construction Site" Stunt Sequence + "Wave Unit"

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN                Universal Pics.            Rupert Sanders / John Mahaffie     2nd Unit Camera Operator

WORLD WAR Z                                        Paramount Pictures                Marc Forster / Simon Crane     2nd Unit Camera Operator

THE RITE                                           Warner Bros / New Line        Mikael Hafstrom     Addtl. 1st Unit Photography `A` Camera Operator, Budapaest

SEASON OF THE WITCH                        Atlas Entertainment                 Dominic Sena / Vic Armstrong     D.O.P. Green Screen Unit U.K.

RA. ONE                                            Bollywood Hollywood Prods              Anubhav Sinha     Guest D.O.P. / Camera Operator, U.K.

THE WOLFMAN                               Universal Pictures                  Joe Johnston / Steve Begg     VFX Unit "Talbot House" Miniture D.O.P.

CAPTAIN AMERICA:The First Avenger         Marvel Studios                              Joe Johnston / Jonathan Taylor     Peggy Carter U.K. Artists Tests D.O.P. / 2nd Unit Camera Operator        

KNIGHT and DAY                           Twentieth Century-Fox          James Mangold / Brian Smrz     2nd Unit Camera Operator, Spain

YOUR HIGHNESS                                              Universal Pictures                  David Gordon Green / Simon Crane    
2nd Unit Camera Operator                                                               

GULLIVER`S TRAVELS                                     Fox  UK Productions              Rob Letterman / Shaun O`Dell     2nd Unit Camera Operator                                                   
EASIER WAYS TO MAKE A LIVING                   Crosstown Pictures          Adam Randall     D.O.P. - Feature Pilot                                                                      
QUANTUM OF SOLACE                               Sony Pics/ EON Prods          Mark Forster / Dan Bradley     2nd Unit `A` Camera Operator
PAUL                                                                   Working Title Films                      Greg Mottola     D.O.P. - Test Shoot

ORLA`S SONG                                                  Hoffman Productions             Eric Deacon     D.O.P. - Feature Pilot            

                                                                                   Universal Pictures
Rob Cohen / Vic Armstrong     2nd Unit Camera Operator, China
CITY OF EMBER                                                Walden Media/Playtone       Gil Kenan     1st Unit `A` Camera Operator

DOOMSDAY                                                          Rogue Pictures                        Neil Marshall / Marc Wolff     U.K. 2nd Unit D.O.P. / Camera Operator

AGENT CRUSH                                                         Crush Productions                Sean Robinson     D.O.P.

HOT FUZZ                                                       Working Title Films                Edgar Wright / Jeremy lovering     2nd Unit D.O.P. / Camera Operator

CASINO ROYALE                                   Sony Pics/ EON Prods          Martin Campbell / Steve Begg     Venice VFX Unit D.O.P. / Camera Operator

GARFIELD, A Tail Of Two Kitties                                T.C. Fox                          Tim Hill     Camera Operator, U.K.

SECOND IN COMMAND                              Castel Films, Romania            Simon Fellows     1st Unit `A` Camera Operator

THE DA VINCI CODE                     Columbia Pictures
Ron Howard / Todd Hallowell     2nd Unit Guest Camera Op. 

BATMAN BEGINS                                    Warner Brothers                     Chris Nolan / Steve Begg     Model Unit Guest Camera Operator

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR                         T.C. Fox / Cinesite                 Paul Anderson     U.K. VFX Unit D.O.P. / Camera Operator

HOLYCOW                                            Riverchild Films                      Daniel Brown     D.O.P. Feature Pilot

ALEXANDER                                         Intermedia                               Oliver Stone / Captain Dale Dye     2nd Unit Camera Operator

TROY                                                  Warner Brothers                     Wolfgang Petersen / Simon Crane     2nd Unit Camera Operator / 2nd Unit Stand-In D.O.P.

BLADE 2                                            New Line Cinema                   Guillermo del Toro     Time-Lapse Sequence D.O.P.

                                                                     Twentieth Century Fox
Steve Norrington / Vic Armstrong     2nd Unit Camera Operator

DIE ANOTHER DAY                   MGM / UA                            Lee Tamahori / Vic Armstrong     2nd Unit Camera Operator

K19 THE WIDOWMAKER                             Intermedia                               Kathryn Bigelow / Jose Granell     Model Unit D.O.P. 

TOMBRAIDER                                                      Paramount Pictures        Simon West / Simon Crane     2nd Unit Camera Operator / 2nd Unit Stand-In D.O.P. / Iceland splinter Unit D.O.P.

QUILLS                                                              Fox Searchlight                       Philip Kaufman / Vic Armstrong     Addtl. 2nd Unit D.O.P.

John Madden / Vic Armstrong     2nd Unit D.O.P. / Camera Operator

Michael Apted / Vic Armstrong     2nd Unit Camera Operator

ENTRAPMENT                                                    Twentieth Century Fox           Jon Amiel / Vic Armstrong     2nd Unit Camera Operator

DR DRUDEN                                     Deepend Prods                       Alex Adraktas     D.O.P. Feature Pilot

LIGHTHOUSE                                   Winchester films                     Simon Hunter / Roy Field BSC     Model Unit Camera Operator

TOMORROW NEVER DIES                   MGM / UA                         Roger Spottiswoode / Vic Armstrong     2nd Unit Camera Operator

TALOS THE MUMMY                     Carousel Pictures                    Russell Mulcahy     1st Unit `B` Camera Operator / 2nd Unit D.O.P.

SUB DOWN                                       Carousel Pictures                    Greg Champion     2nd Unit D.O.P.

CUTtHROAT ISLAND                                    Caralco                                   Renny Harlin / Vic Armstrong   1st & Splinter Unit Focus Puller /Model Unit Camera Operator

HACKERS                                                           U.A.
Iain Softley / Peter Chiang     VFX Unit D.O.P. / Camera Operator


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