Agent:   Prince Stone
Agent Contact:   Sarah Prince
Tel:   0208 883 1616
Website:   www.princestone.com
Tel:   07956 263442
Tel 2:   07904 384087
Email:   davidsworley@gmail.com
Website:   http://www.davidworley.webs.com
Further Credits:   IMDB
Foreign Countries:   USA. Europe. Morocco. Canada. Thailand.
Directors Worked With:   David Fincher. David Yates. Nancy Meyers. Alan Taylor. David Nutter. David Petrarca. James McTeigue. Beeban Kidron. Michael Apted. Peter Mcdonald. Peter Howitt. Peter Hyams. David Dobkin. Rob Bowman. Kevin Lima. Stephen Sommers. Paul Anderson. Steven Herek. Peter Cattaneo. Renny Harlin. Ridley scott. Clive Barker. Robert Zemeckis. James Cameron. Steven Spielberg.
Awards:   2012 Panavision sponsored ACO/BSC/GBCT Camera Operator for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" GBCT Camera Operator for "Reign of Fire". GBCT Camera Operator for "Judge Dredd" 2015 Ronford Baker sponsored ACO /BSC/GBCT TV Drama for "Game of Thrones"
Productions:   The Game of Thrones (Seasons 2012 - 2015).
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (David Fincher).  The Game of Thrones Season II (2011) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & II.  The Wolfman.  The Mummy 3.  Quantum of Solace aka Bond 22 (Palio).  National Treasure II.  Inkheart.  The Golden Age.  Stardust.  The Holiday (UK).  "V for Vendetta". Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason.  Amazing Grace (Glos Locs).  The Golden Compass.  An American Haunting. The Laws of Attraction. Shanghai Knights. Reign of Fire. 102 Dalmations.  The Mummy Returns.  The World is Not enough (aka Bond). The Mummy. The Parent Trap (UK). Event Horizon. 101 Dalmatians. The Full Monty. Judge Dredd. Buffalo Girls (UK). The Never ending Story III (Berlin). Cliffhanger. 1492 Conquest of Paradise. Alien III.  Three Men and a Little Lady (UK). Hellraiser. Nightbreed. Who Framed roger Rabbit. Indiana Jones (all first three)


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The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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