Agent:   Sara Putt Associates
Agent Contact:   Sara Putt
Tel:   01932 571044
Diary Services:   Carlin
Tel:   01932 568268
Further Credits:   IMDB
Directors Worked With:   Bryan Singer, Guy Ritchie, Cary Fukanaga, Mike Radford, Anand Tucker, Tom Hooper, John Irvin, Tim Burton, Paul Schrader, Jim Sheridan, John Madden, Michael Winterbottom.
Special Experience:   Steadicam Owner/Operator
Productions:   Cuban Fury, A Camera/Steadicam
Les Miserables, C Camera
Jack The Giant Killer(3D) - B Camera/Steadicam
Sherlock Holmes, A Game Of Shadows - A Camera/Steadicam
Jane Eyre - A Camera/Steadicam
Sherlock Holmes - B Camera/Steadicam
The Damned United - B Camera/Steadicam
Sweeney Todd - B Camera/Steadicam
The Walker - A Camera/Steadicam
Stormbreaker - B Camera/Steadicam
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - B Camera/Steadicam
Calendar Girls - Steadicam
Shakespeare In Love - B Camera/Steadicam
Welcome To Sarajevo- A Camera/Steadicam 


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The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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