Elected 2018:   Director
Agent:   Schneider (US)
Agent Contact:   Wendy Schneider
Tel:   +1 818 222 5200
Diary Services:   Arri Crew (Kate Collier) +44 1895 457 180
Tel 2:   +447973639709 / USA Cell +1 310 795 9314
Further Credits:   IMDB
Languages:   Italian.
Foreign Countries:   USA. Morocco. South Africa. Brazil, Mexico. Argentina. Puerto Rico. Kenya. Yemen. Malaysia. Hong Kong. Europe.
Directors Worked With:   Martin Scorcese. Stanley Kubrick. William Friedkin. James Cameron. Robert Towne. Terry Gilliam. Mike Nicholls.
Awards:   GBCT 2005 Operator Award
Special Experience:   A Camera Operation/Steadicam Operation. Remote Heads. Steadicam owner. Geared. Fluid. Underslung and Dutch Heads Owner. Steadicam Instructor.
Now You See Me 2 (A Camera/Steadicam)
Alice Through The Looking Glass (A Camera/Steadicam)
Dracula Year Zero B Camera/Steadicam
Muppets Most Wanted (A Cam/Steadicam ) Skyfall ( Steadicam/B Cam ),Thor (A Camera) The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (A Camera) Vantage Point (A Camera) Hippie Hippie Shake (A Camera)Elizabeth 1 (A CameraTV ) How to Lose Friends and Alienate People ( A Camera) Ask the Dust (A Camera). The Brothers Grimm (A Camera). The Cat in the Hat (A Camera) Close My Eyes (A Camera) Century (A Camera) The Courier (A Camera).Dark Shadows (Steadicam B Cam) Captain America (Steadicam/B Cam) Finding Neverland (B Camera/Steadicam). Closer (Steadicam/B Cam). The Hunted (Steadicam/B Cam). Harry Potter 1 (Steadicam/B Cam). Capt. Corelli`s Mandolin (Steadicam/B Cam). Golden Bowl (Steadicam/B Cam). Rules of Engagement (Steadicam/B Cam). Mansfield Park (Steadicam/B Cam). Eyes Wide Shut (Steadicam/B Cam). Kundun (Steadicam/B Cam).


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The ACO - Clips and Trailers




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