January 5th, 2012, Los Angeles, CA - The Society of Camera Operators is proud to announce the full Award recipients roster for their 2012 Lifetime Achievement Awards to be held


Sunday, February 19th, 2012 at the Leonard Goldenson Theater at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The Governors Award for Lifetime Achievement is to be presented to Clint Eastwood in recognition of his lifetime of creative contributions and advancements to the art and craft of cinema.




The SOC President`s Award for Lifetime Achievement is to be presented to Phil Radin,  VP Marketing, Panavision



The SOC continues its support of the Vision Center at Children`s Hospital Los Angeles






Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients


Camera Operator - Paul Babin, SOC

Beginning his credited work as a camera operator in 1987, Babin has operated on motion picture projects from blockbuster box office hits to hit television shows. Babin`s credits for Camera Operating include Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Magnolia and The Soloist.


Camera Technician - Zoran Veselic

Beginning in 1979 Veselic has been the A Camera Technician for many major blockbuster feature films. Veselic`s credits for Focus Assistant include Moneyball, The Muppets, Men in Black, Spider-Man and Up in the Air.


Mobile Camera Platform Operator - Harry Rez

Starting with credited work in 1973 Rez has a resume filled with feature films and television programs that have been major successes. Rez`s credits as Dolly and Key Grip include Doogie Howser, M.D., Providence and Nashville.



Stills Photographer - Andrew Cooper, SMPSP

Starting with credited work in 1984 Cooper has built a portfolio of some of the Motion Picture industry`s most iconic images. Cooper`s credits for Motion Picture Still Photographer include The Departed, Braveheart and War Horse.





The 2012 SOC "Historical Shot Award" will be presented to George Richmond for his handheld shot in the scene titled The Siege of Bexhill in the feature film, Children of Men.




The SOC will be presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Service to the Motion Picture Industry to Sol Negrin, ASC.

Negrin has been a long time Director of Photography, leader of the IATSE Local 600, a film school professor at NYU, Five Towns College and great supporter of the work of the SOC. He is known for his work on Kojak, The Patty Duke Show and Coming to America.

This Award will be presented to him by his son, Cinematographer Michael Negrin, ASC





The finalist nominees in the Camera Operator of the Year contests

The Camera Operator of the Year Award recipients will be announced at the SOC 2012 Lifetime Achievement Awards on Sunday, February 19th, 2012.


Feature Film Camera Operator of the Year nominees

Will Arnot, SOC- The Help

Stephen Campanelli, SOC - J. Edgar

Mitch Dubin, SOC - War Horse

Peter Rosenfeld, SOC - Cowboys & Aliens

P. Scott Sakamoto, SOC - The Descendants


Television Camera Operator of the Year nominees

Greyson Austin, SOC - Memphis Beat

Gregory P. Collier, SOC - Bones

Simon Jayes, SOC - True Blood

Andrew Mitchell, SOC - Glee

Chris Tufty, SOC - The Closer


Technical Achievement Awards

1- Thales Angenieux for the Optimo family of hand-held zoom lenses: 15-40, 28-76, 45-120mm


2- Herb Ault`s Grip Trix Shadow Tracker and the Tracker XL Electric Powered

Camera Platforms



The SOC will also present its yearly donation, on behalf of the membership and supporters of the SOC fund drive, to the Vision Center at Children`s Hospital Los Angeles.


Please join us at the SOC`s 2012 celebration of a Lifetime of Achievements in Camera Operating and the allied crafts at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Leonard Goldenson Theater in North Hollywood, CA on Sunday, February 19th, 2012. Cocktails begin at 4:30 pm with the Awards presentation starting at 6 pm sharp.

Fund raising efforts within the Lifetime Achievement Awards event are among the ways the SOC supports the Vision Center at Children`s Hospital Los Angeles. The title and theme of this year`s SOC Film Presentation is Know The Glow, an effort to help illustrate a simple diagnostic tool to help prevent the tragedy of certain eye diseases in children. This film is produced by the SOC in  conjunction with the Vision Center at Children`s Hospital Los Angeles.

For further details, please visit Please be a part of our sponsorship effort and contact the SOC event planner Judy Levy at Levy, Pazanti and Associates for details. Event ticketing, sponsorships, and the opportunity to place a congratulatory message to the recipients in the Awards Program Tribute Book are available as well. LPA can be reached at 310-201-5932 - ask for Mike Standifer - or through email

The award winning limited editions photographic work of honoree Andrew Cooper, SMPSP, will be available for sale through silent auction at the Awards event reception. Do not miss this opportunity to acquire masterful images and benefit the Vision Center at Children`s Hospital at the same time.




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