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Did you know there is another camera operators` society across the pond? The Association of Camera Operators, ACO, based in the United Kingdom has recently completed its first two years of operation.

Former SOC President Dave Frederick recently sent a note of congratulations to the Association of Camera Operators. He received this letter in return.

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Hi David

Thanks very much for your kind words! We are great admirers of the SOC and all that it has achieved, and the very existence of the SOC formed part of our motivation to found the ACO. We have much to do and as you say it is not easy to inspire co-operation and get things moving in a volunteer organization!

This year however we have managed to resuscitate the Operators Award and put together an online voting system, which resulted in qualifying members of the British Society of Cinematographers, the Guild of British Camera Technicians, and the Association of Camera Operators voting together, and giving the award to Mike Proudfoot for `Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2`. The presentation was made at the BSC Operators Night last Friday.

The award is open to any `A` camera operator on a feature film or television drama worldwide released in the qualifying period, and operating DoPs are not eligible.

The other finalists were:

Joseph V Cicio, SOC for `Black Swan`
Jorg Widmer for `The Tree of Life`
Zac Nicholson, GBCT, ACO for `The Kings Speech`
Des Whelan, GBCT, ACO for `Captain America`
Peter Rosefeld, SOC for `The Social Network`

I`m sure that we share your passion for the craft and art of camera operating, and also many of the same problems and issues. If any of us can be of any assistance to the SOC and its members, at home, at work, or visiting the UK, then please let us know!

With very best regards,

Chris Plevin
Vice President
Association of Camera Operators

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Operator Cosmo Campbell, ACO, focus puller Tammo Van Horn, quadbike driver
Dominic Rosevear, and precision driver Tim Rosevear. Malaga, Spain


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