SOC Award Nominations 12

Here is the list of nominees for the 2012 SOC Lifetime Achievement Award ballot.There is an IMDB link listed for most nominees to check credits and get an idea of the career. The year that they started in the category being considered is denoted by the brackets after their name "(2012)". There is a 20 year minimum mandated experience for the award. Still photographer nominees have their gallery selects available to look at as well.

Camera Operator

Paul Babin (1987)

Bob Bergdahl (1975)

James R Connell (1971)

Tom Laughridge (1963)

Bruce MacCullum (1991)

George Stephenson (1984)

Camera Technician

Peter Kuttner (1982)

Steven Mann (1987)

Clint Palmer (1989)

Mike Riba (1985)

Baird Steptoe (1979)

Zoran Veselic (1979)

Michael Weldon (1977)

Mobile Camera Platform Operator

Mike Brennan (1990)

Steve Holladay (1980)

Alan Padelford (1990)

Albert Ramos (1980)

Brad Rea (1989)

Harry Rez (1973)

William Mayer

Still Photographer

Andrew Cooper (1984)

Sam Emerson(1986)

Keith Hamshere (1969)

Suzanne Hanover (1989)

Kerry Hayes (1983)

Merrick Morton (1987)

Melissa Moseley (1987)

Barry Wetcher (1982)


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