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New ACO Honorary Member - John Mathieson BSC

The ACO is delighted to announce that DoP John Mathieson BSC has graciously accepted the Board`s invitation of Honorary membership of our Association.

John has always been a strong supporter of the role of the Camera Operator, for which we are eternally grateful, and we warmly welcome John to our clan.

Chris Plevin writes:

John Mathieson made his way from Assistant Camera to become one of the most highly regarded Cinematographers working today.

With such directors as Ridley and Jake Scott, Mike Newell, Joel Shumacher, Iain Softley and others he has helped to create some of the iconic films of recent years including Logan, Phantom of the Opera, Gladiator, and Love is the Devil. 

Amongst his many nominations and awards are two Oscar nominations, a BAFTA win and he is a Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et Lettres. 

His committed and dogged support for Camera Operators both on and off set; a finely tuned aesthetic sensibility; and a pragmatic approach to problem solving have been much appreciated by the Association and those members who have worked with him.

 His individuality, idiosyncratic sartorial sense, dry humour, and genuine concern for his crew make him a pleasure to work with on the set and an amiable companion in any other circumstance.

We welcome him to Honorary Membership of the Association of Camera Operators!


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