It is with great sadness that the ACO has today been made aware of the passing of one of the industry`s eminent inventors - Guido Cartoni.

The following was received from Luciano Belluzzo at Cartoni:

In 1991 Tom Hanks presented the AMPAS Technical Awards, and that evening he was interviewed by Johnnny Carson where he described the ceremony where he presented “strange-sounding” things like the award to “Doctor Engineer Guido Cartoni for the repeatable fluid modules in fluid action heads”.

Fluid modules became well-known from that day.

Guido, after making his gyroflywheel heads for ARRI he designed the FL4, the first of a very long series of great professional fluid heads. Since those days, Guido has deposited over 30 different innovative patents. He will also be remembered for the award winning Dutch Head and Lambda, and the tools he invented for his friends Rossellini, Fellini, De Sica, Blasetti, Antonioni and famed cinematographers such as Di Palma, Rotunno, Storaro, just to name a few. 

After a long and rewarding life he passed away in Rome at age 96 but managed last year to celebrate his company’s 80th Anniversary. He is survived by his wife Alicia and daughters Elisabetta and Beatrice.




The ACO Board has responded with an email expressing the Association`s condolences. Jamie Harcourt worded our message with great eloquence & sincerity, and therefore I felt this should be shared with the membership:

Dear Mr Belluzzo

On behalf of the board and membership of the Association of Camera Operators (ACO) in London, I would like to send your company and Sr. Cartoni`s family our sincere condolences on hearing of his passing. Engineers of Sr Cartoni`s calibre have done so much to enhance the quality of well crafted cinematography over the years and without their ingenuity and tenacity to develope products such as the Cartoni range of fluid heads for our use, camera operators would struggle to compose wonderful images.
We wish you and your company every success as you move on into the future, buoyed no doubt by the example and memory of your founder. 

Sincerely, and on behalf of our president Peter Cavacuiti, and the board of the ACO.
Jamie Harcourt.


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