BAFTA Guru Roundtable


Guru Live is a three-day festival which aims to help level the playing field for people starting their careers in film, TV and games – offering them the kind of expert industry insights which can be the preserve of the privileged few.

Our ACO Vice-President Philip Sindall had the pleasure to attend the event and give advice to the BAFTA selected 40 Guru Pros, from writing, producing, directing and craft, most of whom have had a short film at a BAFTA or Academy recognised festival.

The festival, comprised of talks, panel discussions and one-to-one bespoke development sessions, during which Philip enjoyed talking to cinematographers, wanting to further their careers.

Philip also took part in a panel discussion titled, ‘Getting the Best out of your crew’ with Production Designer Eve Stewart ( Les Miserables, The Kings Speech ) and Line Producer Christine Healey(Doctor Foster, Indian Summers ), chaired by Mark Salisbury. 

The session aimed to provide new filmmakers with an insight into how these crucial collaborations should work, with tips on professionalising your creative approach in prep, on set and how to realise your vision.

The aim of the panel was to explore how new directors and producers can maximise the potential of their team, communicating their creative needs to a technical department, and collaborating successfully. 

During the hour long session, which was both creative and technical,

Eve, Christine and Philip shared insights for producers as to how to bring Heads of Department and all crew along with them, on to their projects.

Creating an environment for their collaborator to thrive and making sure everyone is making the same film. 

As always discussions carried on in the foyer after the session and it was gratifying to see and know that the ACO is helping to forge better links within the industry.


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