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TESTIMONIAL from...  Peter Hannan ACS BSC
"I think it is an important job to keep going. It`s not just moving the handles, that`s the easy bit-it`s the storytelling."
TESTIMONIAL from...  Doug Liman, Director
"I`ve shot elsewhere in Europe, and my experience has been that when you need a specialist you fly someone in from England."
TESTIMONIAL from...  David Suchet CBE
"Actors, of course differ, but I find that a good operator is really important to me. "
TESTIMONIAL from...  Don Burgess ASC
"Its better for the film and production to have one person focused on operating and the other on the job of the DP. There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly operated shot."
TESTIMONIAL from...  Wolfgang Suschitzky, Cinematographer
"`You can`t make a good film without a good operator.` (at Operators Night 2012, at the age of 100!)"
TESTIMONIAL from...  John Moore, Director
"Every director worth his salt believes his life depends on his telling the story properly: that`s why I put mine in the hands of the operator."
TESTIMONIAL from...  Alexander Witt Director/DoP
"Having my camera operator allows me the time and space to concentrate on the look of the scene. Schedule-related pressures mean that I am not detracted from lighting while my operator can deal with the mechanics of the shot."
TESTIMONIAL from...  Andy Wilson, Director
"In the end an Operator is the eye that sees what the camera sees and can point out mistakes or opportunities for improvement that nobody else notices. This is invaluable."
TESTIMONIAL from...  Joe Wright, Director
"I`ve worked with a camera operator on every production since my first feature film. I would certainly not want to work without one."
TESTIMONIAL from...  Shelly Johnson, ASC
"...great films are hand made by no one individual, but a talented group that bring their spirit to the screen."
TESTIMONIAL from...  Philippe Rousselot, AFC, ASC
"Operators are human, (most of them), therefore they come with experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship. They are part of the machine of filmmaking, its physical, as well as its thinking process."


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